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Motivational Happiness

Dr. Palamara’s Motivational Happiness Support Group offers a place for people to share triumphant and influentially positive experiences that have changed their lives and loved ones lives forever. These groups are designed to give ultimate support to change negative thought and behavior patterns for all participants of the Motivational Happiness Support Group. The focus of the support group is not to ignore the problems that exist for everyone, rather to support participants in looking for strengths to get through tough situations. This does not replace therapy (, but everyone is welcome to share their story and be heard ( If unfortunate situations are not able to be resolved or ameliorated in this support group, participants are strongly recommended to receive professional treatment from a licensed mental health care practitioner, psychologist, or licensed psychotherapist.

The Motivational Happiness Support Group is where everybody has an opportunity to talk about age old stories or day-to-day experiences in a supportive atmosphere that is full of genuine concern and free from criticism. If you have overcome insurmountable odds we are listening. Tell those amazing stories of courage that transformed illness into wellness or stretching beyond a comfort zone,e.g., crawling up the outfield wall to make the winning catch in the last inning of a baseball game. Hearing and reliving your story is so important to us. Besides, given that everybody reading this is alive, it makes sense that the purpose of life experiences are to LIVE them as fully and completely as humanely possible. It is time for others to appreciate your most relevant stories right along with you.

“The strongest people are those who have overcome the greatest difficulties” (Dr. Sherry Palamara, 2005). Join the people of the world who are choosing happiness over misery. All stories of overcoming struggle and triumph are welcome.

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Owner: Dr. Sherry Palamara

Submitted On: 2005-07-28


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