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Motivation Minute - Free daily email of motivational poems

Motivation Minute - Free daily email of motivational poems:
A new email service named "Motivation Minute" delivers brief motivational
messages about working, five days a week, 52 weeks a year.
The big
difference in Motivation Minute: each message will be an eight-line poem.
The poems treat serious aspects of business management and workplace
relationships with a light tonality. This helps make the motivational
lessons easy to swallow and fun to forward to friends and coworkers.
The daily message will remain brief - one poem devoted to one topic,
bracketed by a maximum of two text advertisements. The subscription is
The Motivation Minute concept was developed by Steve Cony, a marketing
communications consultant who has spent almost 30 years in the business
Cony commented, "These are short, lightly phrased thoughts that
will remind readers of their own work habits and their own workplaces."
The site and the daily email service is actually a father-son project.
Cony's son Evan, a recent graduate of Ithaca College and currently a web
site development professional, provides all the technical expertise and
graphic design while Dad provides content.
The elder Cony spent five years as a professional motivational speaker,
traveling throughout the United States addressing the topic "The Power of
Humor: Leverage at Work."
He watched other motivators and came to the
following conclusion: "I think too many take this motivation thing too
seriously. They do not stop to realize that educated workers may not
really want to feel like someone's congregants or like followers of some
They just want a targeted message to get their day started - and
perhaps something brief to pass on to others.
We welcome all workers as
subscribers to Motivation Minute."

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Owner: Evan/Steve Cony

Submitted On: 2000-09-25


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