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Mommies-R-Us - A group for all mommies or soon to be mommies

This list is for all Mommies ONLY. Expecting Mommies are welcome too and
future Mommies also, near or far future. I would just like to keep this a
list for women who either are mommies or want to be mommies. Sorry Daddies
but I want this list to be a place where we Mommies can come to share and
discuss and even complain about the Daddies if we want to. Every subject
is welcome for discussion. Flaming will not be allowed and there will be a
three-strikes-and-you're-out rule here. We should as adults be able to
discuss and talk without flaming anyone for their opinion. There will be
two warnings to a person off list then the last time they will be removed
by me.

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Owner: Gina B

Submitted On: 2001-05-02


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