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Metaphyscial-New Age-Self Empowerment - Metaphysical Success Strategies

Metaphyscial-New Age-Self Empowerment - Metaphysical Success Strategies:
Free Metaphysical-New Age Newsletter - Success strategies for your
business and personal life. As a consciously aware person you know
that all the hype in the world does not dispute the reality that
'success is an inside job'. You know that even in the worst of times
successful people continue to be successful because they see
opportunities that are invisible to struggle minded people, while even
in the best of times struggle minded people continue to struggle. You
know that luck is not a factor. Nothing in the universe happens by
luck or accident. If you would like to add your URL to a free 'link
listing' along with other subscribers, include your URL with your
subscription request.
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Submitted On: 1999-07-21


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