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Managing Wholes

Firsthand reporting on holistic decisions
Managing Wholes: People, Land and Money is a bimonthly emag reporting on
what people are learning from conscious attempts at managing wholes
(rather than issues, agendas, species, problems, or "parts"). Dedicated to
firsthand reporting on designing a future that works in agriculture,
forestry, and community development. Topics include Holistic Management,
ecosystem monitoring, low-stress livestock handling and stockmanship,
Enterprise Facilitation, grazing planning and grass farming, consensus
building and conflict resolution, and other asset-based, bottom-up, and
holistic development strategies. If you are interested in designing a
future for your business, farm, or community but tired of self-proclaimed
experts and shallow blueprints for "sustainability," this grassroots emag

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Owner: Peter Donovan

Submitted On: 2001-11-09


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