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Making Her Happy

This list is a 100% opt-in list for men and women with daily tips, targeted at men but of high interest to women as well, on evaluating yourself and your relationship, communicating effectively with women, and the nature of attraction -- what it is, how you can create it or kill it, and the disastrous consequences of trying to live without it.

This list supports the users and prospects of the author's book, "How to Be Attractive to the Woman You Love," which provides detailed information on the topics mentioned in the newsletter in a format similar to that of a training seminar. Relationship evaluation, communication, and attraction are all skills that need to be developed, and this book trains readers to do what many have said can't be done: to communicate with and excite their female partners, even after years of boredom.

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Owner: Use Your Head Publications, Inc.

Submitted On: 2005-09-08


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