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MCS-EI Canadian support, information resource
A Canadian support, information and resource exchange for individuals with
- multiple chemical sensitivity
- and EI enviromental illness.
group was founded
out of my own frustration at not being able to access Canadian
sources and resources which aid in the coping and healing of this
I am ashamed to say Canada falls far behind the US in
the treatment and care of MCS people.
According to the
Enviromental Illness Society of Canada, in 1999 the US had 1200
EI drs, Canada 25. Locating these services and products within
our country has been a trying experience.
Purchasing out of the
country is an added financial burden due to a huge US exchange
rate, duty, and enormous shipping costs.
It is my hope, together,
we shall create a site that will provide MCS sufferers throughout
Canada access to information on current available Canadian
resources and services.
Please check the BOOKMARKS for our ever
growing lists of resources, medical information and help groups.
Information contributions are more than welcome as well as
unmoderated discussion on the many aspects of dealing with MCS.

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Owner: B. Smith

Submitted On: 2001-05-31


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