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Luxembourg Opens up For New Talents on Second Life

As a responds to the growing Luxembourgish market, the demand for qualified staff is increasing constantly. The recruitment fair working worlds gives the opportunity for professionals and candidates from over the world to meet, responding to the demand for new competences of the constant growing Luxembourg market. An excellent way to start the search for a new job from behind your PC.
For a dynamic candidate this is an easy method to give a good and creative first impression while showing their knowledge. An opportunity to create a first contact and give a push to their career without travelling, loosing time and budget.

In Luxembourg, the salary level is one of the highest in Europe. The minimum wage is the highest in the European Community. Moreover, contributions to the national health insurance system and the salary tax rate are very attractive for the employees. According to recent surveys, the Luxembourg purchasing power is one of the highest in the world. The financial sector represents the base of the Luxembourg economy. With a high turnover, these companies are constantly seeking for new qualified people. Today, Luxembourg lacks new talents and Luxembourg companies tend to recruit more and more outside the country. More information on Luxembourg and the Job Market on

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Submitted On: 2007-10-02


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