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Lumination - The value of philosophical reflection

Lumination - The value of philosophical reflection:
Do you think philosophy is impractical, that it has
no application to the world of hustle and bustle,
push and shove, familiar to everyone outside the
ivory tower? Well, think again! "Lumination"
explores issues surrounding the value, relevance
and applicability of philosophical reflection to
human life. Merleau-Ponty, writes: "Far from
thinking that philosophy is a useless repetition
of life I think, on the contrary, that without
reflection life would probably dissipate itself
in ignorance of itself or in chaos." Dumery
voices a dramatically different view: "...
philosophy always comes after life. Philosophy
is a recovery of life, but it cannot beidentified
with life... Reflection lives on concrete life."
Is the function of philosophy confined to
clarification and analysis? Is philosophy is a
parasite drawing its nourishment from our experience,
but contributing nothing in return? But if philosophy
does contribute to life, how? Does the event/advent
of reflective thought modulate our experience? Is
our life different because we philosophize? Are
there two radically different planes-reflection
and life-that must ever remain distinct? When we
philosophize, have we ceased to live? When we
live, do we cease to philosophize? Is philosophy
a mode of life? Wittgenstein, is not alone in
depicting philosophical methods as forms of
"therapy." Does philosophical reflection elucidate
the assumptions and values that underlie personal
and psychological problems? Can it help us resolve
forms of alienation and anxiety?

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