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Luck? Humbug - You're nuts if you believe in luck

Luck? Humbug - You're nuts if you believe in luck:
Successful people are not successful
because they are lucky, even though it
may seem that way. Successful people are
successful because they have more
creative ideas that are blocked by
people wha have a habit of struggling,
and see greater opportunities that are
invisible to people who have a habit of
Yup, success is a habit. Struggle is a
habit. If you have a habit of
struggling, it will be futile trying to
find the right 'biz' opportunity unless
the habit that is responisble for
recurring struggle is broken. Successful
people prosper and thrive under the very
same condtions that habitual strugglers
are unsuccessful.
It's a habit!. Not luck. Not being in
the right place at the right time.
It's a habit! Wanna break the habit
of stuggle and develope habits that
enhance your life in greater ways?
A newsletter awaits you to free
you from habits that sabotage you
from realizing greater success in
all areas

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Owner: George Corman

Submitted On: 1999-08-25


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