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Low-Tech Internet Marketing Tips - Online promotion using low-tech techniques

Low-Tech Internet Marketing Tips - Online promotion using
low-tech techniques:
What do rubber stamps, tee shirts and bookmarks have in
common? All of them are everyday, low-tech items, and
they can be used to promote your Internet presence.
They're featured in an ongoing series of Low-Tech
Internet Marketing Tips from Lrpdesigns, a web and
graphic design studio in Tucson, Arizona, USA. Low-Tech
Internet Marketing Tips are easily put into practice --
most of the time, you won't even need to use your computer.
All they require is a little bit of common sense and some
creativity. Every other week, you'll receive a tip in
an easy-to-handle, 100% text format. Sometimes the tips
will come in the form of a good Internet book to read.
(Yes, books, those ink on dead tree things. The 'Net was
supposed to make them obsolete -- but so far it hasn't.)
These Low-Tech book reviews will help you separate the
Good Reads from the Wastes of Ink and Paper.

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Owner: Martha Retallick

Submitted On: 1999-10-04


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