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Longevity News - FREE Anti-Aging Home Study Guide

Longevity News - FREE Anti-Aging Home Study Guide:
The "Longevity News", published by the doctors at
Longevity Resources International, provides information,
quidance, self-testing, and product resources via an
Anti-Aging Online Self Study program designed to equip
you with all the resources you need to create your own
personalised "maximum health-span " lifestyle and
supplementation program, emphasizing natural, non-
prescription hormonal enhancements of Hgh, DHEA,
Melatonin and the sex hormones. Rejuvenate libido,
athletic performance, and youthful vigor and body
contours while minimizing Alzheimer's, impotence,
osteoporosis, arthritis, menopause, prostate, cataract,
diabetic and heart disease related disorders w/ step by
step guidance from anti-aging and nutritional experts in
alternative, natural medicine.

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Owner: Dr John Maher

Submitted On: 1999-08-20


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