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Living Well Magazine

Inside each issue, you will find…

1) News and events from yours truly
2) Projects and Recipes
3) News from the Dottery
4) Turtle
5) Artisan Interview
6) Featured Artists and Writers
7) Short Stories and Poems
8) Children’s Activities
9) And much, much more….

This group has several features available to its membership, including:

• Calendar of Events – pending art and writing competitions
• Photo Gallery – Artisan’s Photo Gallery (pictures of artists in each issue)
• Files – Information on how to use various areas within this group.
• Database – Classifieds, Artist’s Directory, Author’s Directory, etc.
• Polls – weekly poll about current events, opinions, and more…
• Links – Links to free software, books, and more…

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Owner: Trish MacQueen

Submitted On: 2005-07-07


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