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LivePassionately2day - Interactive, Inspirational, Passionate

LivePassionately2day - Interactive, Inspirational, Passionate:
Mastermind groups are meant to be creative powerhouses for
their members. Masterminds take the strengths of each member
and magnify them for the benefit of the group. This list is
meant to be such a group. It is for people who want to live
their lives with Passion and Purpose. For people who want
to stretch and exercise their minds so new heights of thinking
can be reached! For people who are action oriented, productive
people who are not content to sit on the sidelines with those
"other" people who choose to live life stuck in a quagmire of
bored complacency. If this is the type of group you have been
longing for, I hope you will join us! The plan is to have a
daily challenge question so we can indeed purposefully and
intentionally flex our brains to think in new and unique ways.
Join us in the adventure!!

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Submitted On: 1999-08-03


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