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LinkMoses Private from Eric Ward

LinkMoses Private from Eric Ward consists 10-20 high quality Link Opportunity Alerts (LOA's) sent to you individually via private email every month. I'll also send you linking strategies, case studies, and insider advice from my nearly two decades of creating and executing linking strategies. The goal is simple: help you maximize your site's linking potential.

LinkMoses Private is not about tricking Google or gaming search results. LinkMoses Private is about creating sustainable merit-based links that help you over time. I've been helping sites reach their true linking potential since 1994, and if you search the engines for link building expert Eric Ward, you'll see over 325,000 results that show I'm serious about what I do and how I do it.

In addition to sending you Link Opportunity Alerts, I will serve as your personal strategic info hunter-gatherer, sending you links to posts you need to be aware of. Over the course of 17 years, I've probably read tens of thousands of SEO and link building articles and posts, and I still read and scan hundreds of posts every week. Most of these posts don't tell me anything new but...there are some writers and posts I come across that teach me something new, or help me become aware of something I need to be aware of, good or bad. By curating these posts just for LinkMoses Private members, my goal is to help direct you to things that may impact your site or your client's sites, saving you time along the way.

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Submitted On: 2011-09-14


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