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Life Science

(Politics, Biology, Physics, Genetics, Darwinism)
Remember PNEWS-L (progressive news and views) AT St Johns University? This is the new PNEWS-L with a new name (LifeSci) and it is now a whole lot better. This forum is presently *moderated. At time it will be topic specific *-like it once was-* and I will announce the topics. The prime objective is to attempt a *-higher level of discourse.-*

LifeSci is for the "Science of Life and Death" (and that topic covers a lot of territory) - This list is for those who challenge the prevailing meme. Prevailing views are often popular views but they also tend to be wrong and time and circumstance changes perceptions.

And secondly, there is no real **-absolute truth-**; there are only abstractions and better theories. Life is replication, mutation and adaptation. What we know for sure is that we know NOTHING FOR SURE - (as much as you may think otherwise).

Even life and death and our very existence is theoretical. And **-morality-** is a human construct to justify unjust enrichment and survival so others can be sacrificed for the good of an elite few, those who make the rules and own too much. Being progressive implies moving forward, toward better solutions, but change which benefits those who own the most isn't progressive at all; it is a regressive, backwards moving wrong turn, both immoral and unjust.

Discuss the news, politics, science, and all the rest. here. Anything at all. Challenge all of it. Doubt everything. Life may just be a computer simulation. There are no absolutes in this quantum physical reality. After all, what is reality?

Hank Roth

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Owner: Hank Roth

Submitted On: 2007-02-20


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