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Life Story Mailing List -

Mon, 1 May 2000 17:39:47 -0500
Life Story Mailing List - Life Story Mailing List:
You or anyone you know who is interested in writing, geneology or family
history can join the lifestory mailing list by going to
or by sending e-mail to
Don't be shy -- Let's all get acquainted!
It's a great way to break
the ice and will allow each one of you to get comfortable with posting on a
mailing list forum.
Anyone can start a topic, share an idea or ask for advice -- don't wait for
someone else to say it first!
Feel free to comment on another subscriber's
contribution, but let's all remember good common courtesy and "netiquette".
It's very likely that some of us will
submit some of our own writing for critique. Lastly, NO CAPS!
Otherwise, we'll feel as if you're YELLING at us!
sending e-mail to

To Join:

Web URL:

Owner: Bill Austin

Submitted On: 2000-05-01


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