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Knowledge For Tomorrow

Knowledge For TomorrowA Summarized Commentary of World History, Nature, Health, Religion, Organized Crime, and Inspiration For The Youth

"Knowledge For Tomorrow". Mainly available through online bookstores, has received attention throughout the U.S., Europe, and Africa. It is a call toward global responsibility, unity among all peoples, and acknowledgement of the wrongs caused by Eurocentric and Arabizing influencing over other peoples. It also gives excellent insight into health information that one would not expect to come from a writer in the social science area. The factual origins of AIDS, general cures for problems like diabetes, high blood pressure, and the so-called ADHD problem slated as a serious problem. The hip-hop music industry is given a high amount of praise in this book as well. The author gives prominent respect and promotes the positive lyrics of artists such as, KRS-ONE, Guru, ISIS, Ice Cube and others for the relative moral contribution made in the life of the author. Recognition of the Native Peoples of the America's, and other Indigenous Peoples around the world are explained, and called upon for their significance, and to motivate the women to move into greater power roles. Women are subtly requested to take the natural leadership roles around the world, especially those of Africa, and the Americas. Undeniable Metaphysical information, potentials towards WWIII, and a draft for a new "U.N. Children’s Rights Declaration" are contained in the final chapter of this book. The earlier chapter on nature contains suggested principle changes for our world. For more information, please purchase the book through your local bookstore. Book Details:Author: Mr. Quinton Douglass CrawfordTrade Paperback ISBN: 0-595-34030-XRetail Price: $20.95Size: 6x9Length: 278 pagesPRESS CONTACT: Douglass Crawford, Quinton,, 707-429-7060.

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