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A recipe-sharing list
Do you Love cooking? Do you love sharing recipes?
Is there a special recipe you have been looking for?
Yes or no, this is the list for you!
While collecting recipes on cooking lists is lots of is still
not an easy task to provide nutritious and varied meals for the family
every day. We don't want to spend hours in the kitchen, preparing a meal,
we want
something that will satisfy our family members. On this list, we'll simply
share what we are cooking today, or any recipe that strikes our
fancy...for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks,
brunch...whatever you're cooking/baking today.
No matter how simple or
how complex...whether you're cooking from scratch or opening cans and
You will never be unsubbed for lurking, but the list will be more fun if
we all share.
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Great recipes, cooking tips, and new food ideas!

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Submitted On: 2001-05-31


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