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Intentions - Practical tools to promote mindfulness

Intentions - Practical tools to promote mindfulness:
Intentions is a mostly monthly publication promoting the use of the whole
brain and mind, to live life mindfully and purposefully through the
awesome power of awareness and intention, for the benefit of all.
These articles are designed to offer the
reader reusable tools. The interpretation of each article will vary based
on the current intention(s) the reader has in mind.
In this way, the
articles become usable "tools," rather than simply enjoyable reading.
Within the articles, readers are offered mental exercises to: Dynamically
focus their attention; Expand limiting beliefs; Interrupt destructive
negative self-talk; Stop being critical of themselves; Increase
self-awareness; Avoid paralyzing fear-based reactiveness; Keep themselves
in the gift of the present moment; Yield to the process and detach from
outcomes. Spiritual Principles such as Gratitude; Non-Judgment; The Law of
Resonance; Authenticity; Deserving; The Law of Least Effort; Giving and
Receiving; Intuition and Faith are reinforced.

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