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This forum exists for those in pursuit of intelligent and friendly discussion with a keen bent on self-improvement. Have you scored as INFP on some variant of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) or found yourself with the type description? Are you serious about using Type Theory to improve yourself and boost satisfaction and meaning in all aspects of life (love, work, and otherwise)? Then read on. Here we discuss theories, interests, experiences and goals (common and personal) that are strongly correlated to the INFP personality type. This is your ticket to a better existence.


Please Note: For the benefit of all members, long-term, semi-regular participation with on-topic discussions is needed from all members. If friendly self-disclosure isn't for you or you won't use a Yahoo Profile, please don't sign up. The rest of you are asked to state your qualifications when you apply; further eligibility confirmation will be sought via email. Sorry - no hiding of email addresses; and - for important reasons - subscriptions from telnet, AOL, and Hotmail accounts are not being accepted. Same goes for subscriptions from email accounts that are perpetually unreachable. Please choose your subscription options carefully. While we love newbies, no exceptions will be made.

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