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I Testify Online Newsletter

I Testify Online is an online Christian magazine featuring interviews and articles spotlighting powerful testimonies for Christ by some of the worlds most fascinating and influential people. Our articles are highlighted in three focused sections titled "Feature", which is our main testimony, "Music for 1", which spotlights those in the Christian Music industry, and "Making A Difference" where we feature articles about people who are serving Jesus Christ in a powerful and unique way.
I Testify Online is also home of The Violet Cross Ministry. The Violet Cross Ministry manufactures hand made wooden cross figurines, which are offered for sale in the I Testify Online store. The Violet Cross ministry donates the proceeds from these wooden cross figurines to organizations who print and distribute Bibles to the underground church of Christ in captive nations. Please help us, help them. Buy a cross!

It is our prayer that you will visit our site regularly and be inspired by the powerful testimonies you read of the redemptive works of Jesus Christ and be enlightened by the Christian ministries we have linked to and that you are moved to purchase a special hand made cross. By purchasing a cross you will become a partner with us to help support the underground church. Above all else it is our prayer that Christ be exalted!

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