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Hoofcare Online - The E-Letter of Equine Lameness

Hoofcare Online - The E-Letter of Equine Lameness:
Hoofcare Online provides subscribers with a digest of
news, product information, and educational opportunities
related to the study of horseshoeing and equine lameness.
Separate editions address professionals (farriers, vets,
and therapists) and horsepeople (owners, trainers, and
stud farm managers).
Hoofcare Online is an adjunct to the popular printed journal
Lameness, The Journal of Equine Foot Science",
which has a more technical, in-depth approach to lameness
therapy. Hoofcare Online is easy to read, news-oriented
and contains many links to information found on other
sites on the Web, plus new additions to the comprehensive
Web site,

To Join: Send an email message, or click on the "subscribe to the newsletter" link on the Web site's home page. Please state professional affiliation or, if an owner, area of interest (tendon injury, laminitis, etc.)

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Owner: Hoofcare Publishing

Submitted On: 2000-01-11


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