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HomeBusiness Websites Journal - Knowledge for business developers on the Web

HomeBusiness Websites Journal - Knowledge for business developers on the
-=Increasing The Chances=-
Five years ago two friends who worked for the same company, at
the same job, decided they would both like to be entrepreneurs
and operate their own business. They had heard of the Internet,
and it seemed to hold a lot of promise. It offered them ways to
reach a far greater audience. An audience who could benefit by
the goods and services they would provide.
Both men agreed that they would each find and hire their own web
developers, to build them a foundation from which they could
succeed. Clearly, the days they would put in working for their
employer were numbered.
These men were a lot alike. Not only did they work for the same
company, and at the same job, it meant that their incomes,
houses and properties held a lot of similarities as well. They
also had the same education, and really the only thing different
here is one was a little older than the other. Both men were
married with families, and typically worked the same amount of
hours each week.
They left the company to pursue their own business ventures.
Somewhere along the way they "lost touch" with each other and it
wasn't until recently when they were reunited at a social event
sponsored by a mutual acquaintance.
They were still a lot alike. Both men were still happily
married. They had even chosen the same web development
This is where the similarities ended though.
-=Marking The Differences=-
Although both me were shipping their products around the world,
one gentleman had a dozen employees to keep up to his orders,
the other man was doing all the shipping himself and had to take
on a part-time job in order to make ends meet.
I guess if you didn't know these two men, you might think one
was lucky and one wasn't. That's what we always say isn't it?
They may even kid themselves when they discuss this. One will
claim the other was lucky.
-=Getting Lucky Can Be Your Choice=-
Luck has nothing to do with it! Neither does education, talent
or dedication.
Luck - increased success; is _proportional to knowledge_ and how
you make use of that knowledge.
This is why you need to subscribe to the _HomeBusiness Websites
Journal_. The whole purpose behind the journal is to give you
the knowledge you need to succeed in building a web based
-=There isn't any other publication like it.=-
Every two weeks you will receive a rich blend of marketing and
building knowledge crucial to the success of your web based
business. You will discover the tools, tricks and techniques
others are using right now to propel their successful ventures.
Not only will you learn how to implement the greatest
strategies, but you will also learn of the _reasoning_ behind
Each issue is _jam-packed full_ of incredible insights and
knowledge you can use in your business right now. You'll get
tips, tricks, resources, articles, ideas, secrets, and unusual
techniques that can be utilized by beginners and experts alike.
You'll learn of important information for wealth builders.
The two gentlemen I mentioned at the start of this letter? It
wasn't luck that made one successful and the other not. It was
knowledge. _Knowledge is an investment in your success_.
I can't promise you success. What you do with the information
contained in the HomeBusines Websites Journal is completely up
to you. But I can promise you that you will find each issue
informative, with useful and reliable information you integrate
into your Web-based business.

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Owner: Steve MacLellan

Submitted On: 2000-07-17


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