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HTML-Haven Discussion Group - If it's Web page design, it's us

HTML-Haven Discussion Group - If it's Web page design, it's us:
HTML-Haven is, and has always been dedicated to accommodating members at
varying skill levels -- wanna-be/novice, all the way up to the seasoned
Web development professional -- who wants to give something back for all
that they received on the Web.
All questions are welcome no matter how silly or trivial they may seem.
The only silly question(s) is/are the ones that are *never* asked! After
all...we all had to start somewhere. We strive to make your learning life
easier, I can vividly remember my first learning experiences!frown Come and
join us, there is no need for you to flounder a moment longer! Let us
direct you, or gently push you in the right direction. We even offer a
fully searchable password protected archive of all of our messages -- This
is a strong knowledge base that is at your access as a list member. The
list is secure and the archives are only open to our member base.
We have worked very hard to make everyone feel welcome and to create a
friendly professional atmosphere where one can ask whatever questions they
are faced with -- at any time of the day or night. You will NEVER be told
to RTFM. This is a NON-issue at HTML-Haven. We are a group to help, not
turn anyone away, to be on their own in their time of need.
The only
stipulation we have as far as questions are...They MUST be related to Web
design/development issues. Some topic examples are: the Internet, email,
browser compatibility/incompatibility, Web research, search engines (on or
off site), site promotion, your promotion, marketing your list, or
anything else that is somehow related. I hope that I at least whet your
appetite least give us a try!

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Owner: Roz Fruchtman

Submitted On: 2001-01-22


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