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HEALTH-SENSE 4 HOME - Takes Illness Prevention to the Next Level!

HEALTH-SENSE 4 HOME - Takes Illness Prevention to the Next Level!:
Valuable/Practical Information
Tips for Reducing Daily Exposure to Known
or Suspected Carcinogenic and Harsh Ingredients in Everyday Products, Home
Food--and Suggestions for Safer, Effective ALTERNATIVE
Much of this Information is Little-Known to the General Public! This
material comes from only credible and reliable sources.
It's a MYTH that Illnesses or Sensitivities linked to Environmental Causes
(including cancer) are inevitable---Not Necessarily So!
In fact, with the
right information, people can learn What to Avoid, and which Safer Choices
to make. KNOWLEGE IS POWER---and you can have more Power as a Consumer for
You and Your Family's Health with this Information!
time for us to WAKE UP, and OPEN OUR EYES!
At least 80% of all Cancer is Attributable to Environmental Influences,
according to the International Agency for Research on Cancer. That means
family-history links are in a Minority---only 20% or less; and it's only
5-10% for Breast Cancer!
Our Skin is an Organ that ABSORBS Chemicals as well as Nutrients!
If you
knew that your daily Personal Care products (e.g., shampoo, lotion, soap,
etc.) or Household Cleaning Products contained ingredients that are
Carcinogenic or Harsh, would you still Expose Yourself or your Family to
This Newsletter is for anyone interested in improving/maintaining Health,
is dedicated to those who have lost their lives to Cancer,
and to those who are living with it everyday. It is also dedicated to all
others with any Environmental Illnesses, Sensitivities, Allergies, or
Asthma, who might benefit from Information provided within this
the Newsletter Page, then insert email address in the Subscribe Box
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Owner: Terri Britz

Submitted On: 2000-11-14


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