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To discuss Guns-N-Violence around the world
Fri, 24 Mar 2000 15:30:36 -0600
To discuss Guns-N-Violence around the world:
This is the list to discuss Guns-N-Violence in the US and around the
Many seem to believe that the "Right To Bear Arms" is an excuse to keep
weapons in the hands of criminals. What do you think?
Does the death and destruction wrought by Guns in the hands of those the
government deems unworthy to bear arms outweigh the individual's need to
keep and bear arms?
Has the Violence in America and around the world taught us nothing?
Guns breed death and destruction... or do they?
Don't guns in the hands
of an intelligent armed citizenry provide more security for themselves
and their neighbors?
Who decides what level of security is necessary?
How much Violence will
have to experience before the rest of the world realizes the Truth and
upon it?
School shootings have the media in a frenzy but what are the root causes?
Spirited Discussion is encouraged. Keep in mind that everyone is entitled
to their own opinions. If it reaches a point where Flames seem the only
solution, please agree to disagree and move on to another thread.
Posting of resources is also encouraged but please be sure to provide
to any sites to enable follow up research by the other list members.

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