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Guest List 101 - Direct music industry information

Guest List 101 - Direct music industry information:
Welcome to Guest List 101
This is a free list for those of us who are nuts about
music and want to get inside information about upcoming
releases and special offers from the record companies
All of the labels that send information to list members
are making their recordings available direct, and will
from time-to-time, be offering exclusive offers on
deletions, overstocks and campaign titles. It's open
to all labels, around the world, in every style.
That's it ! Exclusive information and offers direct,
without the cream the retailers pile on top !
Is the word 'spam' floating around somewhere in the
back of your mind ? Forget it. This list is going to
boast an enormous membership, so if we feel that
anyone's being greedy and shoving to get to the front,
we'll blacklist them (now that's consumer pressure)!*
ALL messages from the labels will carry the genre in the
subject field (eg. CLASSICAL, JAZZ, ROCK etc) - if it
doesn't push your button, delete it!
Make certain your name is on 'The Guest List'

To Join: Go to the site, enter the email address you'd like to be contacted at, and choose subscribe!

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Owner: Dominic Reeves

Submitted On: 2000-01-20


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