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The only thing we ask is, that all that subscribe are active real estate investors. Meaning you purchase atleast 1 investment property per year. Otherwise you will get no benefit from the group.

The power of the group comes from the amount of active investor members there are.

Each investor invests individually, but benefits from the size of the group.

Are you working an out of date strategy? Are you still buying in your hometown or markets that have lost their steam? To become a multimillionaire, you need to be working the right strategies and you need to have access to the right deals around the country.

We are a bulk wholesale real estate buying group source. We have assembled a group of active real estate investors, which we merge with proven and highly successful bulk wholesale real estate buying groups. This gives you the advantage of having access to private wholesale buying opportunities that the general public will not have access to.

On our last teleseminar there were savings of $1,305,170 compared to available public pricing. Plus the developer is making payments for up to 20 months for the investors.

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Owner: Rohan Thompson

Submitted On: 2007-04-11


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