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 - People interested in day to day events - People interested in day to day events:
This list was launched in March 2000 and has subscribers across 4
Our interest is in comparing and sharing lifestyles with
others in far away places. So far we have found friendship amongst us. The
subscribers all say that its not like any other list they have been on,
its far better!
We have also found sharing information and opinions easy,
without unnecessary conflict that some lists experience. We also laugh at
each other's jokes.
We would love to have more subscribers to make this list really zing and
fulfil its purpose.
We have a project underway for the Millenium New Year
2001 which we think is exciting, you will too. Check us out and relax in
the company of people who are genuinely interested in what you have to

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Owner: Janet

Submitted On: 2000-11-13


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