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Finkydoodle - Web site review and humor

Finkydoodle - Web site review and humor:
Finkydoodle is the free weekly newsletter that covers the more outre side
of the Net. A spin-off of the daily Surf Guru column at Yahoo Internet
Life, it covers all the things you *really* want to know about the Net,
but never know who to ask, like: What will happen if you dial
619-222-0003? Is there really a woman who married a guillotine? And is
there really an underpants-eating bacteria going around?

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To subscribe right away, Send a BLANK email to: The stuff you *really* want to find on the Net The best sites on the Net reviewed daily on Site-A-Day: Archive [index.html#00007]

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Submitted On: 2000-09-13


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