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Estate Trust Revocable Agreements - Welcome to the Estate Trust Revocable Agreement

Estate Trust Revocable Agreements - Welcome to the Estate Trust Revocable
Welcome to the Estate Trust Revocable Agreement site for all your estate
In this site, we offer trust agreements, revocable trust
agreements, estate planning agreements, for estate transfer according to
the laws of your state. For example, where the parents are aging and with
assets up to $650,000 in stocks, bonds, real estate, and cash, we provide
the legal frame work for tax protection, and transfer at the time
death without probate cost. The advantages of using estate trust
agreements for assets protect are great, and we have outlined some of them
here for your evaluation. Often, the primary purpose of the trust is to
set up, during the trustor's lifetime and for the trustor's benefit, a
program for the management of the trustor's property and to provide, at
the same time, for distribution of the property after the trustor's death
in accordance with a preconceived testamentary plan. While the tax
advantages of trusts are limited at best, such trusts are common a!
nd may be quite useful. Such a trust permits the trustor to retain
whatever income or other benefits the trustor desires, while achieving the
important nontax advantages of inter vivos trusts, including the
elimination of probate expenses and publicity, protection of the trustor
during incapacity, and utilization of professional and competent
fiduciaries to manage the trust estate. Another advantage of this type of
trust, to the extent that trust tax benefits are relinquished, is its
The trust agreement can be drawn to provide whatever
controls the trustor wishes to retain through powers of amendment or
revocation, of invasion, of control over administration or beneficial

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