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The list is mainly a place for sharing your writing, so submitting your work here will not guarantee you a response. It is generally adviseable to write an introductory line or two for your postings, indicating whether you'd like to request critique or don't. Replies will automatically go to the list. If you want people to reply privately, you should ask for that.

Discussions can be about any topic. Of course, writing-related threads are especially encouraged. However, Espresso-Fiction is an unmoderated list, meaning postings go directly to the list and don't need to be pre-approved by a moderator. Discussions of a heated nature will be quickly discouraged though.

This is about _your_ words - whatever it is that burns in your soul and has to get out, written down in whatever fashion necessary. So when you reply to someone's writing here, take your time to consider what the other one has written, with what words, in what fashion... try to match your answer, comments, critique etc. accordingly.

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