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Erik's Web Marketing Soapbox - A Web marketer gone mad publishes an ezine

I'm warning you. I berate my readers. I offer up projects, and ideas,
proven and unproven. I throw out the latest and the greatest. I joke.
I yell. I scream. I pound ideas into your head. I rant and rave
continually (just ask anyone who knows me). I delve into Web marketing,
direct marketing, information products, and all sorts of advertising. You
know, the good stuff. You're going to get a first-class education in Web
marketing, the likes of which you've never had before. Inside my
newsletter you'll find lots of gems. Some are shiny. Others are covered
in dust from the old books I gleaned them before I retooled them. What, you
expected me to clean em' all up for you? Polish em' yourself, buddy! I'm
not your maid!

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Owner: Erik Lukas

Submitted On: 2002-05-03


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