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Engaging Ideas

Immediate results, lasting success and a permanent increase to your bottom line.
25-95% increase in profitability with dramatically reduced customer defection rates.
Up to 30% reduction in sales cycles.
Strategies and tactics to work effectively with executive-level clients and navigate those complex, "big dollar" deals.
Tools to reduce costs and increase profitability by discounting 80% less often.
Increased honesty and accountability in yourself and those you interact with.
Clear and objective measurements for how your sales team is performing – regardless of what the forecasts say.
Up to 50% increase in average order size.
80% increase in call-back ratios.

Accelerate sales results by developing your “uncomfort zone.”
Build an exceptional team that sells consistently – and profitably.
Adopt the 6 key behaviours for transforming satisfied clients into loyal customers, to increase the “dollarized” value of each and every client.
Re-align your sales tactics to emulate the top 20% of sales professionals.
Develop honest, open relationships with clients, prospects and colleagues.
Turn difficult prospects into profitable customers.
Take advantage of the fine line between persistence and stalking to get past voice mail, e-mail, receptionists and other gatekeepers – and get to the sale.

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Owner: Casey FitzGerald

Submitted On: 2006-07-20


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