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EmailList-Managers-Adult - Moderator Discussion - Adult Content Lists

EmailList-Managers-Adult - Moderator Discussion - "Adult" Content Lists:
The owners of the EmailList-Managers (EL-M) list have seen a need for a
list to discuss the specific challenges of managing an adult list and have
formed a "sister" list to EL-M for those who run adult content lists.
EmailList-Managers-Adult is a discussion list for managers/moderators of
"Adult" content lists. This is for anybody who has ever moderated an Adult
content list through eGroups, CoolList, Topica, or more traditional
listserv formats such as Listserv or Majordomo, and describes the various
issues that involved with running a unmoderated or moderated
Content list. Because of possible content, this list is for
Adults 18 and
over only please. By subscribing to this list, you certify that you are
legally an Adult in the location you live in. (The list owner assumes no
responsibility for misrepresentation made by yourself to gain access to
this list.)
Please Note: This list welcomes all Lifestyles, and flaming of others will
NOT be tolerated. The list owner reserves the right to moderate this list
as necessary.

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Owner: Dad Bear and Simmie

Submitted On: 2000-06-26


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