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E-MarketVentures E-Zine -

Mon, 10 Apr 2000 16:24:14 -0500
E-MarketVentures E-Zine - Profitable Internet Home Business Marketing:
Our purpose is to do what everyone of you can do -- make money with a
business that can be operated from your home, utilizing ventures based on
email and other Internet-based marketing. In our E-Zine, you will find
informative articles, resources, advertised products and services that can
help you achieve success from your ventures. The only thing that can stop
you from achieving success through what we have to offer is lack of
motivation. So, we will also offer ideas to keep your desire for success in
e-marketing burning. If you have a burning desire to succeed, nothing will
stop you! You will grow beyond what we have to offer and come into your own
as a successful e-marketer. Then, you can publish articles in our ezine to
help others achieve similar success. :-)

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Owner: David Beaman, CEO, E

Submitted On: 2000-04-10


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