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Dream-Builder - Helping You Create Your Life's Dreams

Dream-Builder - Helping You Create Your Life's Dreams:
Dream-Builder is a FREE monthly newsletter full of
practical ideas that you can use to help you build
your Life's Dreams. (Not JUST Goals)
The secrets of tapping your subconscious mind
*How to reduce stress and enliven your spirit!
* Discover unique ways of attracting wealth and
* Why using willpower actually prevents you from
achieving your goals
* The ancient power of using sound to create all
that you desire
* Ongoing letter of the week from people across the
world with questions and ideas on how they've
successfully built their Life's Dreams
* Up to the minute news of new additions to the Website
* New Dream-Minder software tips and benefits
* New links to sites that help you re-discover
your Dreams and passion in life

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Owner: Paul Bauer

Submitted On: 1999-08-31


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