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Douglas Clegg's News

This free newsletter from bestselling novelist Douglas Clegg includes free fiction, free screensavers, free book trailers (tm), contests and giveaways, and regular updates of Douglas Clegg's current and future books.

Douglas Clegg is a novelist who has written suspense, horror, fantasy, and paranormal fiction, including the NY Times bestselling novel, The Priest of Blood, Book One of The Vampyricon.

In 1999, Clegg launched the internet's first publisher-sponsored eserial novel with NAOMI, which later went onto both hardcover and softcover publication.

Since then, he's launched several eserial novels to his newsletter subscribers. Douglas Clegg's News was one of the first of the email newsletters sent directly from a NY-published novelist to his readers. Seven+ years later, it is still going strong with thousands of subscribers.

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Owner: Douglas Clegg

Submitted On: 2006-01-26


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