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DailyGrind - Fun and Friendly Chat

DailyGrind - Fun and Friendly Chat:
This is the place to make lasting friendly relationships!
The Daily Grind is a friendly adult neighborhood. A pllace where you can
be yourself, have some fun, laugh a lot, vent, make new friends, chat,
joke around, be silly...pretty much whatever you want. Support is
abundant. We welcome friends from all over the world. English is the main
language used, but it doesn't have to be that good. G
The Daily Grind is a diverse group of people who accept you the way you
are. Flaming is not allowed, but a warped sense of humor is. You're
welcome to voice your opinions, as long as you don't put anyone on the
list down.
Although, The Daily Grind is not a "sex group", adult topics can and are
discussed. Please, no porn or spamming or we'll come looking for you. ;-D
Please keep in mind that the three moderators are power-hungry, PMSing
women with the power to unsub!

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Owner: Dot, Heidi, and Carla

Submitted On: 2000-12-01


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