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Corante - Daily digest of news coverage of tech sector

Corante - Daily digest of news coverage of tech sector:
A free daily news service for business professionals who need to keep
their ear to the ground about developments in the tech sector - we track
major publications and news sources for the best articles and intelligence
on venture capital, e-commerce, biotech, wireless and telecom, and
Internet law and policy.
Every day our expert editors scan the websites of the Wall Street Journal,
Industry Standard, New York Times, Red Herring, and dozens of
other key sources for the news stories, magazine articles, and related
items you can't afford to miss.
We help our readers turn news into knowledge, stay up to date on subjects
of interest, and save time by providing concise, pithy distillations and
linking to the articles that will inform their day and provide the
context, perspective, and analysis they need. Our daily email is delivered
by 9 a.m. every morning. Additional categories such as advertising
marketing and industry leaders will be added soon.

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