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Consultative Coaches - For consultants and coaches

Consultative Coaches - For consultants and coaches:
Value-added consulting is more about extraordinary coaching skills than
about expertise.
This newsletter is for consultants and coaches who want
to have a deeper and more direct impact on their clients' success.
is a community committed to taking consulting and coaching to an even
higher level of quality and service.
Consultative coaches demonstrate respect and appreciation for the
knowledge, talent, skills and creative abilities of their clients.
understand their roles as collaborators in their clients' efforts and
understand that while consulting is not the same as coaching, teaching, or
advising, it is all these things at one time or another.
Each issue of this newsletter contains tools, techniques,and strategies
for being a more effective consultant or coach using a Consultative
Coaching approach.

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Owner: Cheryl Belles

Submitted On: 2000-06-19


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