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Clipping Path Services

In the world of graphics designing and photo editing, clipping path is the process of creating an outline around a center object while the rest of the image is being made transparent. One good example of a clip-path image is the picture of the Statue of Liberty in New York. A photo of the Statue taken in broad daylight will of course include the sky, the sea and the cityscape on the background. In order to retain the image of the Statue while the rest of picture is taken out, a special tool in a photo editing software is used.

As analogy, clipping path is basically just like a cookie cutter. The raw image or photo is the dough itself while the cookie cutter is the clipping path. In order for a cookie to be taken out from the dough, the cookie cutter must be pressed into the dough leaving the excess dough behind. The same works with clipping path.

Clipping path is very much useful especially in graphic design projects that require huge images. There are definitely other ways to take out the background of the image, but using the Eraser tool of the photo editing software will take time and effort. Add to that the fact that when taking background from large images can be very draggy when used with the Eraser tool. Complex images can also be very difficult to take out like hairs, feathers, sand and leaves. This is where clipping path comes in.

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