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Clear it out, free yourself and make someone happy!

It is amazing how much we accumulate particularly in the developed world. The world we live in is a materialistic environment where self image is so important. As a result we worry not only about the clothes we wear but about what brand they are. We sacrifice paying lots of money just for the brand.

Season by season we strive to keep up with fashion, and what was once fashionable a few months ago suddenly becomes old fashioned.

It is no wonder therefore, that our closets end up bursting with numerous pairs of trousers, most of them never worn and never to be worn. Talk of handbags, numerous of them, all shapes, sizes and colours! As for dresses, short dresses, long dresses, black dresses, floral dresses all sorts. It is all there!

Even our sheds overflow with all sorts of unused gadgets and tools. And yet still we go out and buy even more. And yet we still think we need more, never feel satisfied. Before the new season even begins we are already planning on what we need to acquire next. Itís almost like a never ending race to maintain our self image.

Even for our newborn babies, who soon outgrow their clothes, from day one we shower them with unnecessary clothes, toys and gadgets. Oh yes, they too soon join in the race to keep up with our self image. We accumulate not because we need to, but because we have an image to maintain. It is very me, me, me thinking at work.

Take a new perspective today, and instead of worrying so much about your self image, think of others. Let go of the need to accumulate, be considerate and practical, go through your closet, and get rid of that which is not of practical use to you. If you have never worn it, or donít wear it, it is basically of no use to you.

Clear out the clutter, donate to charity, and give your clothes to somebody who really needs them. Just think that someone somewhere will be forever so grateful for that jacket or whatever it may be you give away. It may seem like a trivial donation to you but to another it will be the best outfit they have ever received.

Your rewards will be personal satisfaction for helping a good cause. You will even feel lighter, and experts actually say that the physical act of clearing out clutter also aids to release those negative emotions we hold onto such as anger, resentment, grief etc. So you really have nothing to lose but everything to gain. When we let go of the need to uphold our self image, or being led by our egos, we free ourselves and the benefits are not only having more room but emotional, financial and ultimately spiritual.

Copyright Sharon Eiffel
Sharon Eiffel enjoys writing on positive thinking, motivation and self improvement. For free inspirational books please visit

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Submitted On: 2008-03-04


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