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Christmoms - This discussion list for Christian mothers

Christmoms - This discussion list for Chirstian mothers:
Christmoms is a wonderfully busy list for Christian mothers of different
ages and denomations. Frequently the mail volume can be very high. Our
list encourages you to be an active participant, since we'd all like to
get to know one another. That can't happen if you lurk, so we'd like to
hear from you on a very regular basis. Lurkers will be asked to
fellowship by being quiet. This isn't the place, however, for cute
forwards and stories, but for getting to know each other.
This list consists of ladies who fellowship with one another through
laughter, tears, praises, and sharing of just everyday things with each
other. We have questions, recipes, jokes, inspirations, prayer and so
forth. Good natured bantering goes along with it as well. We are here
mainly to encourage each other, to challenge each other in our own daily
walk with Christ. Our one common bond is our love for Christ and our
belief that He is our Lord and Savior. So come join us, we'd love to meet

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