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CRAZY ADS! - You Write The CRAZY ADS for Prizes

CRAZY ADS! - You Write The CRAZY ADS for Prizes:
Welcome to the Wild
Crazy World of "CRAZY ADS!". CRAZY ADS! is our
newest addition to the newsletter forum. But crazy ads is
more than just another Business Ezine. CRAZY ADS! started out as a feature
in our weekly newsletter, The InfoZone Weekly Report. We have enjoyed
doing it so much that we decided to expand it into a newsletter unto
itself. Each week CRAZY ADS! will feature 3 different ad contests for some
of the most ridiculous, outrageous and totally ficticious products you
have ever heard of! Joining the ranks of such products as "Choco-Boggles",
"ClasterMaster", "Handsome Hair", "The Diving Dummie", "Meat-In-A-Box",
"SmartyDog" and many others. Ads are Judged by Salesmanship, Creativity
and Humor! We will also feature Crazy Sites and Crazy Software. Yes, we
are going Crazy over this one!
Starting January 8th, "Crazy Ads!" will begin by offering a free ads in
the newsletter just like the current feature in The IWR. After we pass the
500 subscriber mark, will begin offering other Prizes such as Front Page
Ads on, Free WebWare Programs and Services from As the list grows, so shall the prizes! We're going to
put this out Monday Mornings, to start your week off right!

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Owner: Wild Bill

Submitted On: 2000-12-07


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