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Business-Wellness Alliance - Tips/Info. on Bus./Work

Mon, 25 Sep 2000 16:56:34 -0500
Business-Wellness Alliance - Tips/Info. on Bus./Work
Wellness topics:
This Monthly Newsletter offers Tips/Informational Nuggets for
Business/Work-World issues and Health
Well-being topics, to promote
Improvements in Both Areas and Life-Balance enhancement. Our HEALTH is Our
FOUNDATION--When Personal Health
Well-being is suffering, it becomes
much easier for us to "Burn-Out" at Work, deplete our Energy, or be at
higher risk for any kind of illness.
This in turn, can affect our
Performance at Work, not to mention pursuing what we desire in our
Personal Lives, as well!
Small business owners, organizational employees,
or women in the workforce may find it most helpful, but it is open to
anyone interested.
Each issue includes a Business/Work-World topic (e.g.,
office politics, workplace communication, leadership skills, or success
strategies, etc.) and a Wellness topic (rotating between Wellness in the
Workplace, Personal Wellness,
Home Safety/Environmental Awareness).

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Owner: Terri Britz

Submitted On: 2000-09-25


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