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Business-Wellness Alliance -

Wellness Tips for Benefits/Balance
Tue, 6 Mar 2001 17:34:39 -0600
Business-Wellness Alliance - Business
Wellness Tips for
Informational nuggets and Tips for Business/Work-world issues and Health
Wellness topics, to promote Improvements in both areas and Life-Balance
Small business owners, organizational employees,
entrepreneurs, or women in the workforce may find it most helpful, but it
is open to Anyone interested.
Our Health is our Foundation -- If our Health is not in good shape, we
won't get very far in keeping up with a busy work schedule, or having an
active personal life, let alone trying to move ahead with additional
It's also easier to "burn-out" at work, have energy depleted, and
be at higher risk for illness. All this can slow down work performance and
brain functioning, and can put Work and Personal Life ambitions on the
"back burner" for long periods.
*** Included in each monthly issue are Improvement Tips/Informational
Nuggets on:
(1) A BUSINESS/WORK-WORLD TOPIC --- (e.g., recession-proof your business,
workplace communication, work relationships, leadership skills, success
strategies, or business start-ups,
(2) A WELLNESS TOPIC -- Rotating topics each month:
== Workplace Wellness (e.g., health
safety in the workplace, managing
job stress); OR
== Personal Wellness (e.g., improving self-care, creative stress-busting,
health habits, etc.); OR
== Home Safety/Environmental Awareness (e.g., reducing exposure to
potentially harmful substances in home products,
replacing with safer
alternative choices).
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Owner: Terri Britz

Submitted On: 2001-03-06


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