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BookSoup - literature discussion group

BookSoup - literature discussion group:
BookSoup is a lively, friendly literature discussion group. We're a bit
different than other online reading groups in that we just talk about
books -- no reading schedule. Whether you are interested in contemporary
literary fiction, classic fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, or
children's literature, you'll feel at home here.
To give you a feel for the group, some of the listowner's favorite writers
John Irving, Tom Perrota, Wilton Barnhardt, Jill McCorkle, Kaye
Gibbons, Alice Hoffman, Nick Hornby, A.S. Byatt, Jane Austen, Wilkie
Collins, F. Scott Fitzgerald, E.M. Forster, Edith Wharton, Henry James ...
a wide range of poets (Theodore Roethke, Randall Jarrell, Anne Sexton,
Sylvia Plath, Robert Lowell, Sharon Olds, Albert Goldbarth, Carolyn
Forche, Tess Gallagher, the Beats) ... 1940s-60s children's literature
(esp. Laura Ingalls Wilder, Maud Hart Lovelace, Carolyn Haywood, Catherine
Woolley, Wylly Folk St. John).
If your reading interests are similar, and you're looking for a friendly
place to talk about literature, I hope you will join us!
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Submitted On: 2001-02-22


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