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BabyBoomers IN Cyberspace - A place for those 45 plus to make friends

BabyBoomers IN Cyberspace - A place for those 45 plus to make friends:
Babyboomers In Cybersapce is a list of people who strive to become really
good friends, cyber family. About 1/3 of the members have been together
1-3 years over 2 -4 lists. Some of us have met and some share phone calls.
We continually seek new members who are looking for a email group to
become involved in, and hopefully remain with us for a LONG time to
come!!! The key word here is involvement !!!
The list is mostly light and fun, sometimes risque, but at the heart of
BIC is a lot of really great people who will support you when you need it.
Lurking is NOT permitted at BIC, nor can anyone join without a verifiable
real, ISP address, even if you wish to have your mail sent to a temp email
address, like Yahoo, Hot Mail etc. This helps provide an environment in
which people feel comfortable welcoming new members, as well as allowing
members to feel safe to share personal info about their lives.

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Owner: Lynn Hancock

Submitted On: 2000-12-06


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